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When they are searching for a reputable local laser clinic, Doncaster locals will find Melbourne Clinical Laser just down the road in nearby Box Hill Central. With other locations throughout the suburbs and the Melbourne CBD, there is sure to be a clinic close to your home or work.

Even more important than finding a clinic ‘near me’, is finding one staffed by experienced medical staff, whose passion for cosmetic treatments is backed by sound medical knowledge. All of our patients can rest assured that we will use only clinically trialled, TGA approved treatments and therapies.

Whether for removal of skin tags and other skin lesions, Ultraceutical skincare, or PRP injections, you will find a range of cosmetic treatments available to suit your needs, in addition to our cosmetic and restorative laser treatments.

Cosmetic injection treatment

Offering Dermal Fillers for Doncaster Patients from the World’s Most Trusted Sources

When considering cosmetic injections, two of the most commonly available options include Botox and dermal fillers. Doncaster locals who are unsure as to which treatment is right for them can come to one of our clinics for a consultation to find out which treatment can work best with their skin type and condition in order to give them the results that they desire.

One of the many advantages of dermal fillers is that most are derived from hyaluronic acid – a substance that is found naturally within the human body. This is a reflection of the cosmetic enhancement industry’s increasing tendency to work with, rather than against, the body’s natural processes.

Botox for men

With Ultherapy Doncaster Patients Can Enjoy a Non-Surgical Facelift

Those who have begun to notice the early signs of skin ageing, but who are reluctant to turn to surgery as an option, may wish to consider the many benefits of the non-invasive, non-surgical treatment known as Ultherapy. Doncaster patients may guess that Ultherapy is named for its origins in medical ultrasound technology. While an Ultherapy practitioner uses a handheld device to ‘see’ the area to be treated on a screen, here the treatment differs from an ultrasound scan, as the device is used to focus ultrasound energy on the foundational layer of skin responsible for collagen production. Because the work is being done below the skin’s surface, you can return to your normal activities immediately following an Ultherapy treatment.

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